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If Jesus came

If Jesus came to your house, would there be anything in the house you would change? How about that for which is out side of the house?

 You might have what you believe to be the perfect house but what if somebody important comes to that humble abode of yours? Now your house isn't so perfect. You want to clean it, make it look new, or maybe even get a new one.

 When I think on this I find myself thinking, we people are like that as well. We believe we have a great life but what if Jesus were to come and rapture his church? Do you believe you would make it? I often times find myself thinking, would I measure up? Am I good enough? Then I am reminded of the words of Paul. He told us in the BIBLE that those who place their trust in Jesus are all made new. If then being made new through Christ, why should we worry? Why should we believe otherwise? If we are made new, then we should have nothing to fear. Often times the devil comes in with his attitude and dampens ours. This is then when we must fall before the Lord and ask him in Jesus name to get the devil to stop whispering in our ears words of doubt and misgivings.

 If we are made new in Christ then the only one who we should fear is the one who can kill both body and soul and the last time I checked, that was not the devil.

 In closing, If Jesus would be to come to my house, I pray he would find me awake and alert. I don't want to be in sin when Jesus comes to rapture his church. Remember to live intentionally for him.

 It's all about intentional living folks. We must continually and intentionally place the things of this world aside and live for Christ. Place the things of this world aside and add on to your life the things of God. Let us do the work of the Lord and not the work of this world.

 When Jesus returns, I pray he returns to a church that is alive in him, not dead in the worldly sin of the enemy of the church. The church must remember, if we can gain salvation, we can lose it by being negligent. By allowing the things of this world to creep into our teachings hence poisoning the congregation and the church over all.

 When Jesus returns, will he find you and your house awake and alert or will he find you living in sin?