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My thoughts on the Fly Rig 5

I have always wanted to review pedals and simply give my opinion as to the products I have used both in the past and here in the present.

 The first review I would like to do is that of the
 Tech21 Fly rig 5

 This pedal is certainly a keeper. This is the best guitar pedal I have ever used. Slick effects along with a nice sleek set of knobs, and a nice sleek body, this little box shines. Quite literally when it comes to tone. Great for those country players. It can take you from the territory of Brad Paisley to James Burton to anything in between. If you are in to medal, don't let this box pass you by either.  It can do everything from Hermon Lee to Zach Wild and everything in between.  On the right-hand side, there is a decibel boost, totally controllable with the knob and foot switch respectively. Next we have a plexi side. This also has a pedal that works alongside it. Next on the left we have the over all heart of the pedal. The  Sansamp which controls most of the pedal. Left of that, we have the delay side. Next to that we have the tap tempo. So now that we have gone over all of these pieces, let us examine them even further. Let’s go all the way back over to the right-hand side of the fly rig. We have the decibel boost. Simply a knob and a foot switch. Nice. Great for a clean and or dirty sweeping solo. Next we have the plexi. This has a volume, foot switch, drive, and tone. It actually sounds like a Plexi. It's sound is simply amazing. Just be sure to use the Sansamp with it and it will blow you away. Next, we have the sansamp complete with foot switch, volume, reverb, high and control, mid control, low and control, drive, and might I add, the EQ is totally active. The heart of the pedal is found there within the Sansamp. Next we have the delay. Complete with volume, tap tempo, time, flutter control, and repeats.
  Pretty impressive for a small 11 inch long pedal which by the way, is totally taking the market by surprise.
 I rate this pedal a four out of five for the following reason. I wish that there were more control with the reverb. Although, being as it is only one little teeny tiny knob, I guess I cannot be too picky. Everybody always asks the following question in a review, would you recommend this product to your friends? Absolutely. Fantastic box. And just at about 250 United States dollars, the price is unbeatable. If you were to pay for each one of these units on their own, you would easily pay 500 or 600 dollars. So then how could I not recommend such a beautiful product to my guitarist friends. It would be quite literally impossible.

 You can purchase the Fly rig 5 at Pro Guitar Shop

 I hope you have enjoyed this review.

 in Christ's service